RCS ident fields

man ident

    "$Author: $"
    The login name of the user who checked in the revi­sion.

    "$Date: $"
    The date and time the revision was checked in.

    "$Header: $"
    A standard header containing the full pathname of the
    RCS file, the revision number, the date and time, the author,
    the state, and the locker (if locked).

    "$Id: $"
    Same as $Header$, except that the RCS filename is without
    a path.

    "$Locker: $"
    The login name of the user who locked the revision
    (empty if not locked).

    "$Log: $"
    The log message supplied during checkin. For
    ident's purposes, this is equivalent to $RCSfile$.

    "$Name: $"
    The symbolic name used to check out the revision, if any.

    "$RCSfile: $"
    The name of the RCS file without a path.

    "$Revision: $"
    The revision number assigned to the revision.

    "$Source: $"
    The full pathname of the RCS file.

    "$State: $"
    The state assigned to the revision with the -s
    option of rcs(1) or ci(1).

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